Thursday, June 20, 2013

Robert Downing Jr ( RDJ)

After that depressing a** post I have decided to follow up with something more light hearted lol ( I am sure if any therapist are reading this post *cough cough* this is some kind of mental behavior thing that I can't seem to recall the name for).

After doing my favorite right before bed activity (surfing Pinterest) I saw this.
Seriously how do we know whose face that is?? I mean for all we see it could me my face

What's up with people's love for Robert Downing Jr.??

My boyfriend sent me an article earlier today ( that announced that RDJ has officially signed on for Avengers 2 and 3 (yay).

However no Iron Man 4. Now while this was exciting news what REALLY caught my attention were the comments from readers of the article.

This only a few there are like 50 or so more of these. People are obsessed with Robert Downey Jr. 
A subsequent Google search pulled up ( not surprisingly) a number of fan sites.
The first on the list being Robert Downing, Jr. Fan .
If BeyoncĂ© has her Beyhive the Robert Downing, Jr. definitely has whatever would be his equivalent ... IDK  The Iron Mans?
Yeah get It Dude..This must be the Mark -1.5
Me personally I'm on the fence about Mr. RDJ yeah Iron Man 1&2 were good....3 was different ( He wasn't even really an ahole and that's kinda all RDJ is known for). I don't know that I believe NO other actors could play the role. That is a little extreme. Like if this were an alternate universe I totally could see me writing this same blog about them instead of RDJ.
What's your take on the RDJ fandom?
Behind IRON bars MAN

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