Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 Day Cleanse and Results!

In my last woe is me blog post I mentioned that I was attempting a 3 day cleanse. Well I am proud to say I was successful! It was either not as hard as I'd always feared or I really motivated by my upcoming trip to Vegas. Here is the plan I basically followed with some minor modifications.

The plan is from


Here are the basic steps you need to take to lose 10 lbs in 3 days... or at least look like you did:

Step 1: Do a 1-day juice fast or raw diet

Step 2: Eat a low-cal, high-volume, starch-free diet

Step 3: Do some form of effective full-body exercise
Day 1
 I simply consumed water all day. For lunch I had the Bolthouse Farms Mango 32 oz. drink. My coworker told me it was a good diuretic if you drink the whole drink in one sitting.  I definitely had some interesting stomach situations the rest of that day! For dinner I cheated and had a can of the progressive light clam chowder ( the WHOLE can, shameful I know). That was a combined total of only around 800 calories. That evening I also did this 10 min cardio workout app on my iPad.
I woke up the next morning and
2lbs lighter!
Day 2
I went to the grocery on my way to work and bought some fruits and veggies for day 2 which basically is supposed to be only things you can grow or catch. For Breakfast I had a slice of watermelon. Then because I was using my lunch break to get my nails done (priorities) I simply ate baby carrots on and off through out the day. For dinner I saut√©ed fish with onions and peppers in some olive oil with a side of kale and onions and peppers.  Here is the kicker my coworker who has been to Vegas before mentioned how bloated he got while out in Vegas. So I used NO SALT in my cooking. The Kale was ok the fish was horrible. I appreciate salt like never before. I did my little 10 min iPad workout and.....
Day 3
Ok on this day I had a hard boiled egg for breakfast (minus the yolk YUCK!) This time lunch was skipped because again I was too busy to really eat on my lunch break. I did eat a few carrots and the last 2 slices of watermelon throughout the day tho. At the end of my shift I had another boiled egg before I got on the road to Nashville. For dinner I had a HUGE cheat and stopped a subway for a six inch sweet onion teriyaki chicken sandwich WITH CHEESE. I know super bad. And I was to tired to do my 10 min workout that night but in the morning...
So after 3 days of "cleansing" I lost a total of 6 lbs! And it was pretty easy. After I gain all this weight back pigging out in Vegas I am definitely gonna attempt it again as a jump start to losing and maintain the weight for good!

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