Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Silver Linings

Long time no blog. As I have stated in the past it is hard for me to blog when I am happy. It is easier to hold onto some negative emotion and spiral out of control with that than it is for me to celebrate positivity. But I am working on that!
Over the weekend ( which will have its own post later) I saw the film Silver Linings Playbook ( for free shout out to redbox). The movie is basically the love story between two people. Sounds familiar? Well add in the mix that both of these people are legitimately crazy. Like they take pills. The male lead Bradley Cooper's character discovers he is an undiagnosed bipolar after walking in on his wife and her coworker in the shower. He beats the man within an inch of his life. He consequently suffers from a break from reality.
It got me to thinking...What if each and every one of us has the capacity to be crazy. What if it only takes a trigger or certain event to cause our subconscious crazy to come forth. I know this is probably the most controversial thing I have ever written.
Some of our craziness is closer to the surface and may require less of a trigger while other's may have deep buried craziness that is less likely to surface during our lifetime. You never know what you are gonna do in a situation until you are faced with that situation yourself. So I try not to judge situations I hear about when I know nothing about it myself. Personally I did not see the big deal in Bradley Cooper almost killing his wife's lover.
The female lead in The Silver Linings Playbook (Jennifer Lawrence whom I believe won an award or something from this movie)  has learned to accept, embrace, and own her craziness. While Bradley Cooper denies denies denies .  So while both are crazy one is more ostracized in the community than the other. 
In Iron Man 3 Tony suffers from post traumatic stress disorder due to what he experienced during the Avengers.
Essentially the events in the final battle TRIGGERED his craziness. I know it is a movie but still if Iron Man go crazy I am pretty sure anyone can.
I feel like the word crazy has gotten a bad rap. It automatically has a negative connotation to it. What if craziness is just an individuals way of being honest. In a world and society where no one trusts each other and people are discouraged from showing emotions and/or their true self anybody who breaks from the norm can be considered crazy. I don't mean crazy as in mental illness that is a completely different thing. I mean crazy as a lifestyle as a reaction to an event like I don't know the death of a loved one or falling a gazillion and one miles back to Earth after preventing a Nuke from exploding.  I have always embraced my craziness and I think I am one of those hypothetical people who hold their craziness closer to the surface.
"While not everything can be repaired, most everything can be survived"
This is a beautiful quote from Grey's Anatomy.
So go ahead be crazy, be YOUR crazy. If you get hurt it might not get repaired but I bet it will get survived. And you just might find YOUR happiness and YOUR silver lining.