Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Unfortunately much like a pressure cooker, I internalize a lot of things.

So I decided to blog to rant and rave and vent about what i had to say.

Most of my venting focused on my relationship at the time...

Then that relationship died...

And I felt enlightened.

So I was all I will create a NEW positive blog.

Thus eradicating my outlet for venting.

Another deterrent to my venting is my unhealthy concern about what other people think.

My unrelenting desire to be liked, has spilled over and I want to be a people pleaser with my blog.

Even a novice like me knows this is a blogging no-no.

You have to blog for yourself and NOBODY else.

An associate of mine has a blog and he tends to blog when he is upset. Blogging is a healthy outlet for him to release frustrations and i'm jealous that blogging is no longer that for me.

I need my blogs to be more like THAT.

More devil may care. It's my blog Imma write what the HELL I want!

So yeah I am going to work on that...

One way would be to post more the blogs I write.

Surprise! Surprise!

While it may look like I haven't written anything in over month. I actually have written about two complete posts and a couple of mini posts.

Well no more Mrs. Nice Girl ( I hope) I'm gonna get back to my roots and back to keeping it real!

...I Hope

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  1. I think its great to write whatever u want!!!!


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