Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dating An Older Man AKA Mr. FancyPants

Before my first official full day on the phone at my new call center gig (we've been in training since i moved) I'm indulging in one of my favorite TV shows New Girl! I've seen every episode but I'm re-watching it again for kicks. I am at the part when Jess dates one of her students dad who is significantly older than her. When they started discussing what they were doing in 1989. Mr. FancyPants was dating and Jess was learning how to use a toaster. Then i was like damn I'm dating an older man. So now this blog.

When You're dating an older man:

 and you get invited to a black tie wedding, he will probably just be able to pull something appropriate out of the closet while you spend WEEKS researching black tie  and looking at websites before finding the perfect dress.
Love this Pic! We look Fabulous

if you suddenly feel like you are turning into a mermaid cuz you can't stop drinking water just like what happened in the 13th year, he will not get the reference because he never saw a Disney Channel Original Movie

Love me some Disney Channel Originals

He was drinking legally before you were even in high school

Don't worry now that ur legal he will liquor u up real proper.
He is likely to have an adorable lil girl thus leading to his SCARY witch neighbor asking you one day where YOUR little girl is.....Yeah awkward
Scary Witch Neighbor Lady

And these are just the few scenarios that happened in the past week!

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