Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Little Princess

I am watching one of my favorite movie's of all time is A Little Princess.

It reminds me of my childhood. And tonight I am feeling a bit like a child. I feel overwhelmed by my life and crave the embrace of my parents. Well I really crave them coming to my rescue and solving all my problems for me (I digress). But as I am well into adulthood that is not likely to happen.

Moving is proving to be extremely challenging and in no way form or fashion can I afford to pay movers. Two Men and a Truck quoted me over $1000 for a one bedroom apartment....yeah not gonna happen. My new job is starting to stress me and I am nervous I won't be successful or worse I just won't like it. I've even questioned moving all together. So while I'm trying not to drown in these feelings I am comforted by watching this movie from my childhood. This movies that states that all girls are princesses.

It is empowering. Stating that being a princess is more an internal mindset than an external title of status. So while I may have to work every single day for the rest of my life that does not mean that I am not a princess. I am a princess without needing a prince to be one. I have a man but he does not define the princess in me. Similarly the girls in this movie transcend as princesses on their own. Even the maid (slave) Becky was a princess in this movie because she BELIEVED she was (a princess) and that she was worth more.

The movie is also about standing up for what you believe in. When the main character a little girl who has spent a lot of her life in India suddenly finds herself living under the tyranny of a cruel headmistress at a boarding school she doesn't just submit to her will. She stands up for what she believes in and empowers all of those around her. Even after her father was killed in the war and she too was forced to enter into a life of servitude she still believed that she and all girls were princesses "even snotty two-faced bullies".

 I hope that one day I have a little princess of my own to share this message and movie with.

So until then I encourage YOU, my readers who never comment (jerks) to go out and be princesses.


  1. I LOOOOOOVE this movie!!!! Seriously I have the DVD. When I dig it out again me and Z will watch it. I have the double pack with this and a secret garden.... Any who great post. I know I'm a princess well Im more of a queen now since I have Z lol... but when my dad visits Im his little girl/princess all over again.... You will be fine. I tell ppl all the time I didn't really grow up until I came to Nashville and left the safety net of my parents!!! good luck.... Oh and ppl may not comment bc you don't engage them when they do... IJS

    1. You know what...Good Advice LOL.. so let me engage you lol. My Numero Uno/ Only Uno comment-er . Glad another adult out there likes this movie as much as I do and has embraced her inner princessnes/queenliness. With your impending nuptials you're a princess x2! Thank you so much for your good luck wishes during this transitional period in my life. This week has been a lot better but as they say "The Struggle is Real!"


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