Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just an Update Post

Hello Blog People!

Just wanted to give you an update on my life!

To start with...

My baby sister is engaged and I am unofficially a Maid of Honor (its not official till I get my official request lol)
The happy couple has a beautiful website with more pictures and their story. Go check it out at !
The second update is....
I'm Officially In a Relationship with my Best Friend
This happy couple does not have a website...We are just dating that would be weird....
I almost had to blog about how I almost ruined everything. But Lo and Behold communication really is key and discussing everything ended with the dramatic conclusion of ME asking him to be my boyfriend. Yep I asked him! It was the least I could do since I messed up. BIG TIME. But enough about that lol.

I have discovered when you meet the right person it changes you.  I am suddenly having all these domesticated thoughts and wanting to stay in rather than go dancing at the clubs. I am wanting to become more like the kind of woman a man would want to marry. Less selfish putting their happiness before mine. It is a strange feeling. 
I am really happy with life right now. Unfortunately when I am happy I blog less. I also workout less so I am sad to say I gained all the weight back I lost 6 months ago. And its swimsuit season and for some reason crop tops are in style. While this ungodly lower stomach pudge definitely is not. So back to the gym it is for me and hopefully I can lose 15 lbs before swim suit season ends.

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