Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My first attempt at styling Fro Fro. Jenna.Sais.Quoi's version of a High Puff

Happy Sunday Blog People! It's super slow at work today so entertain myself I will share my hair story from this morning with you!

( Life got in the way and it is now Wednesday when I am posting this. But I started on Sunday I swear!)

If you did not know, natural hair is hard. I have no idea why I thought It was going to be easy when I was relaxed.
I just took down my Brazilian extentions from noa lynne boutique and I am about to get some Senegalese twists.
Well for the past two day my natural hair (her name is fro fro ) has been out and about. Typically I just co wash fro fro add some curly products from Aveda and call It a day.
This morning I woke up and decided to try actually styling Fro Fro for a change. I researched VIA Google and Youtube for almost an hour before deciding to try a high puff

This first picture is what a high puff is supposed to look like.

Now this is what I did and what I ended up with!

First I wet Fro Fro then brushed her out into what I consider a real Afro.
Then I applied my "gel" around my perimeter. Except I don't own any gel so I just used this Garnier Fructis product that promises 24 hour hold. Sounded the same as gel to me "shrug".

Then I followed one of the MANY youtube videos I watched this morning and used a scarf to "set" my "gel".

Apparently this puts like waves in your hair which I DID NOT know. I thought you had to have a certain "grade" of hair to get the waves. *cue good and bad hair from School Daze*

( Made it extra large because I thought the waves were hard to see)

Then I simply tied my scarf around it because I was lacking in the ouchless headbands that were typically used in the making of a high bun.

Overall I was extremely please with the result! I think my hair in the back needs to grow a little bit more though. Maybe by the next time I wear my hair again it will be perfect!

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  1. You did a very good job! I was lmao about your "gel"


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