Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Impossible Standards on Men Today

Most women I know, not all but most dream of a guy showing them bigger than life romance. We grew up with it in the media ( I'm still blaming you Disney!) And while it has not stopped appearing in the media. We have stopped wanting it. Opting for practicality and denying our basic instinct for being cherished and rescued. We were not created to be independent and yet we shun dependency.

We want a man to show up with a boombox

We want rose petals on a bed

We want our freaking flash mob proposal

Whether in public or private we want proof that we are loved and wanted.

And finally one man  has done just that,

And what do we do?

Demean it every single step of the way.

Robin Thicke messed up big with his estranged wife Paula Patton.

Instead of doing like most men and not admitting he was wrong not only is he owning up to being the reason his marriage is falling apart. He has written a whole freakin album about getting her back. It is the boombox on steroids. It is the dream for women...

And yet today from two different sources I read articles written by women criticizing Thicke and calling him a stalker. So on one hand we are telling men we need more effort and then when they do make an effort. BOOM! They are stalkers! 
WTF? No wonder men are clueless on to how to romanticize us. We are sending them two completely different messages.

The article talks about how there is a woman drowning and the blood on Thicke's face. Have you ever been in love? Cuz its a lot like freaking drowning! And the blood is from Thicke beating himself up over all this. 

My main issue with the video is the private text messages prominently displayed on the screen. Um no. Bad mood. If Mr. Fancy pants ever did that to me..... Its like taking the screenshot to a whole nother level.

I've recently been doing research on passion. Numerous article state that passion begins outside the bedroom. If that is the case of Paula takes him back he is setting himself up for some very intense make up sex.

But what do you think?

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